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Assignment 6

Finding and developing story ideas can be much harder than it sounds. For instance what even makes something worthy of being considered as a news story. certainly there can be no explicit definition since almost anything can be spun into a story worthy of being published. the article did a decent job at helping steer one in the right direction to look. there are often unexciting stories which have hidden inside them an interesting story just waiting to be found. It also stressed persistence and challenging ones superiors at times. I also got the idea that it was trying to stress the fact that what is news to me might be far from new to you and therefore isn’t news but simply redundancy. Another thing it stressed was sometimes stories develop simply from you talking with an acquaintance. Sometimes when you stop looking for something you find out its been sitting in front of your face the whole time just waiting for you to take notice.


What I took from visiting the two websites was that every story has a way of being delivered that will set it apart from telling it other ways. For instance it’s probably better to show a clip of a grieving family member give her rendition of her sons life, how it was suddenly taken away and how it has affected her than to simply interview her and then put that into your own words for the reader. By giving the reader actual documentation on how the situation has affected her, by letting them see the raw emotion that words sometimes cannot express brings life to a story that would have been lifeless had it been delivered in print instead of video. however it is  like a double edged sword because it can sometimes kill the viewers attention by overloading them with info on a subject that they are not all that interested in.

Assignment 4

What I found most interesting was when it talked about the changes both politically and technologically that affected the journalism profession. It gave me the impression that it really covered, albeit not in depth, how society got its news from the early parts of civilization where it was simply word of mouth. to the development of the US postal system which allowed for news to be spread more quickly than before, to our current state of technology which now allows us to get updates on existing stories the second something develops. Or even while the story is still unfolding, which we were able to see with natural disasters like the earthquakes in Japan which led to Nuclear meltdowns at there power plants. Another thing I found interesting was the way it described our current outlook on the fourteenth amendment and how media helped shape that view by painting our nation as being infested with crime at a time when it was in all actuality decreasing.

assignment 3

The city’s west side neighborhood has undergone dramatic changes, more specifically it has seen an increase in home renovations in the Massachusetts Ave area since the visit from the tv series “Home Makeover”. While there are some residents who claim that the area has seen a reduction in crime due to the newly renovated homes and the sense of pride that comes with them, there are others who will paint a different picture of the West Side. Just a few blocks in either direction the area is still plagued with crime due to gang activity which residents say will only move to the next block if this one gets the same treatment as the area on Massachusetts Ave. So it brings me to the question Did the West Side community really see a dramatic change in its everyday happenings or did a very small section of Massachusetts Ave reap the benefits that were suppose to trickle down to the rest of the community?

assignment 2

The West Side story was pretty helpful as far as giving me some ideas as to what I might want to write about. Its possible to do a piece on how the new wave of immigrants has infused some of their culture and traditions into the area. Or one could even write on one of the many local family owned business. What most people, who rarely if ever travel to the area, do not know about are the hidden gems found throughout the community which take disguise as small shops and restaurants. I think that would probably take longer to get done but it might very well be worth it. Its also possible to write about the overall change the west side has undergone while only sticking to the major causes of that change. However at this point I am still undecided.

Assignment 1

The article was very informative and touched several topics such as the aim of civic journalism, what makes a journalist a good journalist, ways to approach a potential story and  it also explained the current ongoing transformation which is taking place in the way stories  are delivered to viewer. It touched on the fact that civic journalism is starting to distance itself from its previous role as attack dog and instead strengthen its associate with the role of watch dog.  Among this it talked about how the job of the journalist is to present the facts in unbiased unfiltered manner so the reader has a chance to formulate his or her own opinion about the story. One of the things i found most interesting was the soccer analogy. It suggested that instead of covering the story from a detached perspective one should get involved with the action still remaining neutral about there position on the subject.